8-Bricks: The VR Game prison you should escape from!!!

8-Bricks is our first game designed specifically for mobile VR Cardboard. We have designed a challenging fun game where you will have to play through 3 whole different maps and succeed to escape from all of them. Unique enemies await you, like the Crying Byte, an entity so powerful that can't be killed, only it can be temporarily stopped while you are watching it.

As a game programmer you have committed the worst of all crimes, you have made a Free2Play game which has ruined the lives of hundreds of thousands of poor people. You have been declared guilty and sentenced to remain the rest of eternity in several digital prisons to suffer an eternal cycle of repetitive debugging scripts of bank accounts transactions. Through a sophisticated technology discovered 35 years ago, your mind has been digitalized so you can do your sentence in these horrible prisons. But as a game programmer you have some tricks under your sleeve and you will program your way out with the code instructions you will find in the horrible code left by bank account shell scripts.

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Anticlea: The Princess Of Thieves: An incredible original stealth puzzle adventure!!!

Anticlea: The Princess Of Thieves is our most ambitious project we have done. For the last year we have been developing new game ideas that nobody has explored before. We offer to the player a meaningful and challenging experience that no other game can deliver. So if you are ready to discover a totally new game idea and if you believe in good fun quality games you will find Anticlea: The Princess Of Thieves one of the best experiences you can find nowadays.

Anticlea, daughter of Autolycus, King Of Thieves, has to show her father she is worth going with him in his incredible mythologic adventures with his friend Hercules. She will prove her father by going in an incredible and dangerous adventure to steal from Lamia her most precious treasure. A treasure so awesome that will set once and for all that she is The Princess Of Thieves.

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Bowling Of The Death: Could the zombies do the Michael dance??!!

Bowling Of The Death is our particular way to celebrate this Halloween 2014 with a funny game where bowling and zombies join forces to create the ultimate fun experience!!! This project has been developed using the powerful tool Unity with the best game development skills acquired during more than 10 years of game development.

After a mutation of flu virus the sick people turned in evil zombies. Sara and Doc have a possible cure for the disease but they have to make it to New York where the last operational lab is still working. They will have to make their way beating the waves of zombies with an unique weapon, Super Bowling Balls.

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God's Garden Defense: The power of flowers in this garden is awesome!!!

We are quite passionate about tower defense games, it's a game genre perfect for experimentation in with short development cycles. God's Garden Defense, is a new twist to isometric tower defense games. Every level completed the world grows bigger, the enemies run faster and are more resistant making the gameplay more frenetic and challenging. As God you will have divine powers that will allow to erase your garden from evil minions.

It was a beautiful day for God until Saint Peter lost his key to open the Heaven and it was taken by the evil demons who began to destroy all they found in their way. It's time for God to get ready and face these waves of demons with his angels and flowers and with the help of his mighty powers before the Heaven become an infernal chaos.

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Piggies Rescue: Are your skills ready for this challenge?

We are always trying to offer cool innovative challenges to our players, in Piggies Rescue, we are not going to lie, the challenge it's a hard one. We came out with a gameplay mechanic never seen before, we create explosions in the games' world that throw our characters around the screen. It's difficult and a rewarding challenge to master in this gameplay mechanic, once you control it your next challenge is to complete in perfect way all the levels.

This time we will have to help a group of small piggies to survive the traps of a terrible slaughterhouse where they have been locked. How do we save them? Assuming a divine role and creating explosions with our finger that will make fly our protagonist between the dangerous blades in the multiple levels. There are two game modes, normal and survival, and a total of 45 unique levels that you will love. A original game idea never seen before that we hope you will like it.

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MathApocalypse: Brain Trainning!!!

We keep training our brain with our last game MathApocalypse. Never doing calculations has been more fun that here. It's a great game for children who want to improve his math skills and for grown adults who could test how young is their mind.

The earth has been invaded by aliens who feed from the human brain activity leaving unconscious the people. You are the last hope to resist the invasion. You will have to use your mind power to defeat them.

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Space Words Defense: Typing Fun!!!

Educational games often are considered to be boring games, well, that's not the case of Space Words Defense. This is one of the most fun educational game you can find in the whole universe.

Our story take us long time ago, in far galaxy, a big menace appeared to break the happiness of the place. Our heroes were asked to protect the peace of the galaxy with the only help of a special secret weapon called QWERTY Keyboard. Now our team is getting their fingers ready against thousands of enemies, because even if they let escape even one of the enemies, the damage to the good people of the universe can be really big.

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