Anticlea: The Princess Of Thieves

Anticlea: The Princess Of Thieves

I would like to present you our most ambitious project to date, Anticlea. We are making a demo launch and we would love to hear from you. You can find a link to the game for Unity Player at the end of this page. In the next lines there is a few lines about the story of the development done.
Feel free to contact with me through my LinkedIn profile.

The Development:

This project was born on November 2014 when I was preparing code to participate in the Global Game Jam 2015. I've always been quite a fan of stealth games and I wanted to contribute to the genre, one of my all time favorites is Metal Gear Solid (PS1). So I began this project just as an engine where will code a lot of possible interactions with the environment and behaviors of the enemies. By the time I participated in the Global Game Jam I had an initial prototype still far away from the final state, but it allow me to start developing the basic gameplay of the game, a game about stealth and robbery.
After GGJ, I started to look for a collaborator for the art, so I posted in a game development forum for an artist help and a good friend show up, Jesus Vera Vera, one of the most talented artist I have known. Still it was just February and I had still a lot of work to do programming the gameplay elements that come to mind and the level editor to be able to place them easily. I took inspiration from games that forged my youth, Metal Gear Solid, Alundra, Castelvania Symphony of The Night, Lengend Of Zelda: Link To Past...

It was around May that I had a quite complete list of all the features I wanted to implement, so we began to talk about the art. Curiously, at that time, we had no story, the only things that were clear it was that it was going to be a stealth abstract art style kind of game. After brainstorming for some days we decided the style of the protagonist and the enemies.

Then you could say we went to full production I began to design levels and Jesus kept working in the 3D art. To ease the job of level design, I still worked quite a lot with the level editor. Since I wanted to make the concept of exploration seen in Castlevania/Metroid games, I added a new layer to the level editor which allow me to connect the levels in an easy way.

So all the summer was about making levels, integrating final assets to the games. By the end of August, we had a solid beta of the game, but... still no story or game's name. Yes, some of you could think it's crazy work without an initial story, all the marketing rules tell us that we must study the market, define our game depending on the market's target you want to go for... Well, I've never been a fan that marketing people define the games we have to make, even Nintendo with Splatoon tell us the same history, they keep working on the gameplay until they had something fun and they customize the whole thing to the current story. I don't say the marketing strategy is wrong, I want to say that it should be possible to face game development in multiples ways depending the kind of project.

Anyway, we did a little of research and we fell in love with one character of the Greek Mythology, the story of Anticlea, the daughter of the famous thief Autolycus King of Thieves. Maybe some of you remember this great and funny character portraiyed by Bruce Campbell in the TV shows "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" and "Xena: Warrior Princess". In the Mythology Anticlea is not a thief, so we take the freedom to re-imagine her story. We played around with the real fact that "Anticlea" means in Greek "without fame" to make a heroine to get her deserved fame.
Now that we are close to the finish the game, the first step we have decided to do is a demo launch to receive the feedback from the community to see how the game can be improved. We are planning to release it soon, in a month, at the current state of the game there is no space to radical changes, any feedback of any kind would be welcome (even poisonous feedback), all the radical changes would be considered if it happens to be a second game. But our main work is going to be mainly about closing bugs, adjusting the design of hard levels, improving the learning curve and usability.

There is the chance, if some of you are interested, to design a level for the game. The level editor is not prepared for external use, but we can make it work through Skype conference and TeamViewer, in around 3 to 4 hours we can make a quite complex level work. Your name will appear in the credits section along to a link to your website.

All the people who test and provide a constructive useful feedback will also be included in the credits with links to their sites.

To contact with me you can get in touch through my LinkedIn profile, so we have the chance to know each other :)

The Final Boss:

One feature that we would like to ask you about is about the final boss. We haven't decided yet which one to use so we would like to make a poll to see what you think about. The candidates are:


"Arachne was a mortal woman and talented weaver who challenged Athena, goddess of wisdom and crafts, and was transformed into a spider."

"Arachne's weaving depicted ways that the gods had misled and abused mortals, particularly Zeus, tricking and seducing many women. When Athena saw that Arachne had not only insulted the gods, but done so with a work far more beautiful than Athena's own, she was enraged. She ripped Arachne's work into shreds, and sprinkled her with Hecate's potion, turning her into a spider and cursing her and her descendants to weave for all time. This showed how goddesses punished those human for wanting to be equals"


"King Phineus of Thrace was given the gift of prophecy by Zeus. Angry that Phineus gave away the god's secret plan, Zeus punished him by blinding him and putting him on an island with a buffet of food which he could never eat because the harpies always arrived to steal the food out of his hands before he could satisfy his hunger, and befouled the remains of his food"


"Lamia is a mistress of the god Zeus, causing Zeus' jealous wife, Hera, to kill all of Lamia's children and transform her into a monster that hunts and devours the children of others."

"In later stories, Lamia was cursed with the inability to close her eyes so that she would always obsess over the image of her dead children."


Which final boss would you like for Anticlea?
ARCHANE: Athena's spider curse
HARPY: The scavenger
LAMIA: Hera's jealousy curse
Total votes: 73

The Story:

Anticlea, daughter of Autolycus "King of Thieves", is eager to show her father of good thief she is, so she can get her father approval to travel with him in his awesome adventures. Her target to get her reputation is a really dangerous one to steal XXXX from YYYY, but she is quite confident to kick some ass to get it.

The Game:

Without any more delay we will be honored if you play this awesome game.

Play Anticlea: The Princess of Thieves

If you want to contribute with feedback or level design feel free to get in touch with me in my LinkedIn profile, I will love to hear from you.